Inspired by a true story, comes a novel of courage, bravery and one very

determined little girl.

Teresa was only four when the bombs began to fall. Over the next three years her island home of Malta became the most heavily bombed place of WW2. With her country destroyed and starvation rife, Teresa’s father decides to leave for Australia, to its promise of peace and a brighter future.

Inspired by Deb’s own family’s story of survival, Teresa is the latest in an exciting series about young kids who leave their homes to start a new life in Australia.

Teresa is an outstanding addition to the New Australian series. Aussie Reviews

A fascinating historical novel...insightful and entertaining. Sunday Telegraph

Teresa gives us a wonderful character who shares her family's journey through the excitement, frustration and joys of becoming Australian. Thanks for a

great read!’ Jackie Hawkes, Teacher/Librarian

‘Stories such as this are immensely important because they speak of that

place from which we have come.’ Tanya Grech Welden, Ozbooks 4Teachers.com


Deb has just handed in the final draft of her new novel,

The Stupendously Spectacular Spelling Bee due out in September

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